The Perfect Choice 

      for your next

Stewardship Journey

Church-Wide Study

The Stewardship Journey

...Practical Steps for Transforming the

Traditional Campaign!

 In the area of stewardship, too many United Methodist churches continue to do the same thing year after year, expecting their congregations to respond differently.

 Stop Stewardship Complacency!

 If the results of your last few stewardship campaigns were not as good as you had hoped, maybe it’s time to stop being stewardship complacent and to take a look at a new approach to stewardship.

With The Stewardship Journey, your church can expect different results because it's a:

  • Progressive approach to stewardship, developed by United Methodist leaders
  • Step-by-step instruction manual that takes away the learning curve from the stewardship “process”
  • Long-term stewardship solution to what has traditionally been an annual challenge
  • Biblically grounded guide focusing on the vows we all made when we first joined the church
  • Valuable resources available to any United Methodist congregation