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The Capacity for More


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For Your Church Wide Study


We want your next church-wide stewardship study and book distribution process to be simple, efficient and cost effective.  For these reasons, The Capacity for More is offered electronically so it can be easily offered to your congregation in the quantities and delivery method that best suits your needs.


For your church-wide study, the cost of the book in electronic PDF format will be a one time fee of .50 (fifty cents) per registered member. Regardless of the size of your church, you will also receive two printed versions of the book and an electronic file of the book’s cover for your promotional materials. Additional print versions can be purchased for $5.00/copy.


For Your Small Group Study or Individual Readers


For your personal use or for a small group study, The Capacity for More is only distributed in a printed version at the discounted cost of $5.00/copy (plus shipping & handling).


For Your Stewardship Leadership Team


As a complement to The Capacity for More church wide study, we recommend that your church use The Stewardship Journey leader’s guide. Print versions can be purchased at a cost of $24.95 (plus shipping & handling) per guidebook, which will also include unlimited access to all of The Stewardship Journey online resources. 


Contact Information


To order books (electronic or print version) please contact us at .